How do I search for products?

There are multiple ways for you to shop on SmartPad. Please see below for the variety of different ways you can order. 


You can use the search bar across the top of the screen. 


Within your search results you are then able to filter products down even further. You are able to view only your contract items or SmartPrice products. There are also options to filter down by category within your search, you can also filter down by brand, size and colour.


Whilst using the search feature above you now have the ability for type a head or search suggestions. This will enable to give you a more specific product search as you can select the category.



By hovering over 'Shop By Department' will open up the wider catalogue, where you can browse by category. We have improved these feature so it only involves one click when you select the category you wish to shop from. 



You are also able to use the quick links section to take you through to the list of products that have been added to your contract. 


Press shop list and then you will be able to see the products that have been handpicked for you. 

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