Adding users to a list on SmartPad

Once your list is created, click on the "users and groups" tab


When in a requisition list you then have the option to assign the list to all users on your account. If this is ticked then as soon as a new user is added to the account, the list is automatically added to their visibility.

If the list is only to be viewed by a select group of users on the account you will need to use the “Users & Groups” option. Switch to this and then click “Assign users/groups”

Under this option you will be given a list of the account users showing their name and email addresses. In this list it will also show any groups that are set up on your account if your account uses this. You can then search for individual users and tick each that you want to add to your list. The other option under this is to add the users by email. If you know all of the email addresses for the users you want to assign the list to then you can paste these into the box provided one per line.



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