Creating lists on SmartPad

You can create lists of your favourite or most commonly ordered products for ease of ordering.

The list can either be created by going to “Menu” and then “Lists”



Or you can also access the 'Product List' page via your quick links section.


From the lists page you need to select “Add new list”


Once in this screen, give the list an appropriate name.

You then have 2 options to create either a “Personal” list or a “Requisition” list.

A personal list will only be shown under the list view for yourself. A requisition list allows you to share this list with other users on your account. The type of list is not locked once selected, so a personal list can be made into a requisition list and vice versa.

In both personal and requisition lists you then have the products section, you will need to then select “Assign products”

In this screen you can add products via searching for them and ticking the tick box for each you wish to add, you can search via a keyword or the product code if you know it. Alternatively if you have a list of the product codes you wish to add to the list, you can add them via CSV upload for which a template is available under the option on SmartPad.

The other option for creating and adding to lists is on the products you are viewing via search. Next to the “Add to basket” button you will see an “Add to list”


This will bring up a pop up within the page where you can then add said product to an existing list or create a new list with this product.


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