How do I navigate the basket screen?

Once you are in the basket you will get an over view of your order. 


Your default delivery address will be visible, but by clicking select a delivery address you will be able to search for any existing addresses you have access to on your account.

If your account has cost centres, these will be visible below the delivery address, similar to the screenshot above.


There will then be a list of products you have added into your basket. In here you are able to decrease, increase the quantity of the product or remove the item if you no longer wish to order it. 

On the right hand side there is a blue banner pop up that displays how much more you need to spend to qualify for free delivery. 

To place your order press the checkout button, this will then take you through to the next screen, giving you one final overview of your order before you place it. 


To fully submit your order, please press 'Submit order'.

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